The Cruise


Each Santa should aim to raise a minimum of £200 through sponsorship. You will be added to the Virgin Giving sponsorship site set up for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance.

Simply send an email to all of your contacts, you will be surprised at how many people you least expect will be very happy to sponsor you.

Each Santa will carry a corporate sponsor, through the Adopt-a-Santa scheme.

Please also check with your employer, if applicable, in case there exists a ‘fund-match scheme – this can increase your sponsorship many-fold.

Entry and Awards

Prizes and Certificates are awarded for

  • Most money raised
  • Best Dressed Reindeer
  • Best Santa

Calculations for these are as follows:

  • Most Money raised – Decided from the total raised and declared at 00:00 on the day of the Santa Cruise
  • Best Dressed Reindeer – Selected by a chosen ‘dignitary’ from the community at the event start
  • Best Santa – Entirely subjective and selected by someone in the know over a beer on the day


Santas are responsible for their own bicycle, and ensuring it is well maintained and equipped with functioning lights, this is essential as the Santa Cruise does use the public highway after dark, it is recommended that Santas carry a good puncture repair kit.

Bikes should be decorated in a festive manner, in a way befitting your ‘reindeer’ for the day.

A token ‘award’ is available for the best dressed reindeer, to be presented at the ceremony at the conclusion of the ‘Cruise.

Public Highways and Road Use

The Santa Cruise will take place on the public Highway, all rules associated with this are expected to be observed. Please consult the Highway Code if you are unsure of them.

Lunch and Meals

A Buffet lunch will be arranged at a suitable venue en-route, to be ready for our arrival to keep waiting time to a minimum. This will be mass catered warming food – likely to be a Chili Con Carne. If you are vegetarian, fussy or awkward in anyway; you are more then welcome to bring a packed lunch or sort your own food. Please bear in mind that your lunch will need to be finished at the same time as the other Santas to ensure you are not left behind – you may want to pre-book the food directly with the venue to ensure it is ready for your arrival. This is not a service that will be provided for you, and also be aware that group dynamics dictate that eating like a ponce on the day will likely see you ex-communicated from the rest of the Santas.

The Evening Meal will be a Curry at the Bahgecha in Burghfield Common, please ensure that you have arranged transport home from there if required. In line with the usual Santa Cruise food policy, if you don’t like Curry arrange something else in advance with them.

Santa Funding on the day

The Santa Cruise operates on a ‘Kitty’ You will be expected to pay into the kitty at various times during the day in £20 instalments.

The Santas meet all costs for participation. Expect to budget £60-80 to cover the food and beverage kitty on the day.

Santa Suits

The Santa suit is cheap and disposable, it is unlikely to survive in the groin area when riding your bike to the first stop, do not be alarmed, this is usual. The belts that some with the suits are as much use as tits on a fish – don’t expect it to help – bring your own belt to wear round the suit. The legs of the suit will get caught in the chain, so bicycle clips are of benefit.

The suit consists of Hat, beard & spit-thin fabric trousers and jacket – one size fits all (allegedly) the beard looks more like a merkin – feel free to provide your own if you prefer – but don’t spend too much on it, as it will be covered in food and detritus of the day. Some Santas chose to wear a wig, feel free to do so, keep in mind the Santa hat should fit over this, so if too large you may want to provide your own hat that you know will fit.

Your logo is expected to be seen so please don’t cover the jacket, if you need to remain waterproof, then wear a tight fitting waterproof under the jacket – but keep in mind the colour of the suit will run when wet.

Beards may only be removed for eating and drinking, at all other times must be worn.

Suits can be collected the evening before, or on the morning of the Santa Cruise.

General Conduct and advice

Santa is not, and never has been, in the service of the US Marine Corps. The Santa Cruise will strictly observe ‘Top Gear Rules’ Any Santa falling behind and unable to keep up will be left behind. Please ensure you have a suitable emergency pick up plan in place should you be unable to maintain the required pace due to mechanical or physical failure.

You should ensure you have a hearty Breakfast fit for a Santa – you will need it.

If possible please ensure you have not been out for a Christmas party the night before, nor that you are borderline drunk the next morning, this is not safe and will not bode well for yours, and others’ enjoyment of the day.

The Santa Cruise provides no medical, legal or emotional support for the day, please ensure you have a can of ‘man-up’ available to drink if required and expect no sympathy if you fall off through others’, or your own, stupidity, negligence or sheer bad luck. In a similar manner you are responsible for the care of your own Reindeer, including when put to pasture at a watering stop.

The Santa Cruise stops at ‘places of local gathering’ These include shops and public houses. The Santa group are likely have some refreshment at each stop, it is the individual Santa’s own judgement to select a drink and ensure he does not breach any rules of the highway, and remains able to cycle responsibly.

Given the close camaraderie of the Santa Cruise, no Santa should be of a ‘sensitive nature’ If you do not appreciate the humour, high-jinks and pranks of BBC’s Top Gear, it is very likely you would not enjoy the Santa Cruise, feel free to join another event more suitable to you, perhaps a charity jam-making event with the WI.

This event is not actually an event, nor are there any official organizers of it. The Santa Cruise happens purely by chance every year with Santas gathering at a time and a place that may, or may not, have been agreed. Santas are over the age of 18 and therefore responsible for their own conduct, decisions and actions on the day.

Reindeer Storage

We have arranged to store Reindeers at Santa Morrin and Santa Redding’s stables upon return from the Fox and Hounds. They must be retrieved on the day following the Cruise. Last stage of the Cruise will be on the Bus up the hill to the Baggy Chair.


This document was provided by someone who has been on the cruise in the past as part of a social group of individuals, and therefore has insight into the conduct expected by this social group. There is no organizing committee for the Santa Cruise, nor any group that could be considered liable in anyway for anything you do, but group dynamics generally dictate people not following the patterns of behaviour expected will be made to feel less than welcome. Social groups being what they are, the rules of behaviours can change at anytime given external forces and public opinion.

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Mini-Santa Cruise

This year we would like to invite families to join us on a ‘mini cruise’ around the village before the main event

The plan is simple, we will depart from the Auclum Green (by the vets)  at 10.45 and head out on an all-ability cycle ride around the village, stopping at our friends’ shops for drinks and snacks on the way!

We will be back at Auclum Green by 11.45 for hot drinks and mulled wine – and a visit from the Air Ambulance and crew –  who will be coming to thank everyone in the village for all that you have done this year.  After watching the Air Ambulance depart it will be time to wave the Burghfield Santa’s off on their adventure 🙂

Santa suits not necessary, but feel free to be festive, and to decorate the bikes!

Advanced registration is required.

Sorry. Registration is closed for this year

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